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Serumkind Chaga Charging Drop – 30ml

157.50 AED
Serumkind Chaga Charging Drop is a highly moisturizing nourished serum, enriched with Siberian Chaga. It contains 500,000ppm of raw material

Serumkind Deep Antarctic Drop – 30ml

152.10 AED
Serumkind Deep Antarctic Drop is an anti-aging and moisturizing serum, offers extreme moisture and promotes the synthesis of collagen and

Serumkind Iceland Moss Drop – 30ml

143.10 AED
Serumkind Iceland Moss Drop is formulated with 77% of Icelandic moss extract which has developed a resilient vitality over 350

Serumkind Black Blossom Drop – 30ml

152.10 AED
Serumkind Black Blossom Drop is an award-winning serum. This is a great kind of serum that strengthens your skin by