How to Apply Serums and Oils in the Right Sequence

Face Serums have long been a part of Korean women’s skincare routine, but nowadays, the obsession with these magical skincare products has spread to beauty enthusiasts everywhere for good reason.

Serums have a lightweight and non-greasy texture that easily absorbs into the skin and doesn’t feel heavy and sticky on your skin. They have a high concentration of effective and skin-friendly ingredients.

To apply serum and oils in the right sequence, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Initiate With Serum

After cleansing serum should be the first skincare product that touches your skin to get the desired results. Never apply the serum after your moisturizer or any day and night cream and oils, because it doesn’t absorb into your skin and give no result.

  • Mix and Match

The most important fact about serum and oils is that they can mix and work well. If you have many skin concerns and using different kinds of serum and oil to treat them, simply mix them and then apply.

  • Stop at Three

There is no limit to how many serums you can include in your regimen, but experts suggest stopping at three is the best. When you pile more than three products, their effectiveness decrease and doesn’t properly absorb by your skin. If you are targeting multiple skin concerns at the same time, invest in a multitasking serum to address general problems like dryness, oiliness and add others that target more pressing concerns like fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Check the Consistency

When it comes to deciding which serum you should choose first, experts say the rule of thumb is to always start with the light texture. Lighter serums will be easily and quickly absorbed while the heavier hydrating serums or oils lock the ingredients and leave your skin soft. Take a look at the list of ingredients on the packaging, and go with the ingredient that you want your skin to get the most of. If you want to target skin concerns like dark spots and signs of aging, you should choose the serum which is enriched with Vitamin C or retinol.

  • Massage Gently

Apply the serum with gentle massage, it can help in improving circulation. Massaging also delivers optimal oxygen to the skin.

  • Allow Your Serums to absorb

When you apply serum, wait a minute or until your serums have fully seeped into your skin. This method also prevents piling of a skincare product. When serum is completely absorbed by your skin, you can apply your regular moisturizer or sunscreen.

  • The night is the best time for layering

Serums that contain retinol and hydroquinone may cause some sensitivity to your skin when exposed to ultraviolet rays, so it’s best to do your layers and cocktails in the night. This is the best time for allowing your skincare products to work more effectively as your body heals itself in your sleep. However, you are layering serums in the morning, make sure your skin is well-protected with a broad-spectrum sunscreen.

List of some effective serums that treats all skin concerns, take a look at them:

·      Aromatica Organic Rose Hip Oil

A moisturizing facial oil, rich in Vitamin A and omegas 3,6 & 9 which provide moisture and deliver nutrients to dry skin, also strengthen the skin’s barrier and leave your skin smooth and soft.

·      Axis-Y Artichoke Intensive Skin Barrier

The lightweight and the fast-absorbing formula doesn’t leave your skin greasy and sticky, delivers rich antioxidants, nutrients, and hydration to the skin, and heals damaged, and irritated skin by making skin barrier.

·      The beauty of Joseon Glow Deep Serum

Lightweight and quick-absorbent serum that penetrates deep into the skin to give your skin the beautiful glow helps in fading color pigmentation, and make your skin bright and revitalized

·      The beauty of Joseon Repair Serum

Repairs and rejuvenates damaged or irritated skin and also fight against anti-aging signs

·      Benton Deep Green Tea Serum

Contains antioxidants, soothes and calms sensitive and irritated skin, and leave your skin moisturized

·      Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power

Repairs and rejuvenates damaged skin and maintain its elasticity for younger and healthier-looking skin.

·      Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Serum

Great for sensitive skin, provides a soothing effect to the skin.

·      Enough 8 Peptide Sensation Pro

Reduces aging signs by building blocks of collagen and elastin fibers that are found in our skin, and lead to firmer, younger-looking skin.

·      Lancell-L Hyaluronic Synergy Ampoule

This moisture ampoule offers deep hydration and makes your skin glow.

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