How To Care for Your Skin Type?

If you take care of your skin properly, follow a good skincare routine as per your skin type, help to restore and strengthen the skin barrier for healthier, younger-looking skin. Here we will tell you how you can care for your skin type.

Dry Skin Type:

As you know that dry skin refers to less oil or sebum production than normal or oily skin, so dry skin people need to keep their skin always hydrated. The more moisture your skin holds, the healthier the skin’s appearance is. Without sufficient moisture, your skin loss its barrier, or it may weaken. So, those who have dry skin should look for formulas that hydrate, nurture, and moisturize, and are free from alcohol, fragrances, dyes, or chemicals.

Oily Skin Type:

If you have oily skin, it produces an excess of sebum, or oil, which can result in clogged pores, acne, and blemishes. So, those who have oily skin should choose water-based products or products which balance excess oil and are non-comedogenic. We recommend you exfoliate your skin 2-3 times a week to remove dead skin cells from your skin’s surface and washing your face with a water-based cleanser or foaming cleanser twice a day. Don’t apply any harsh cleanser, it can irritate your skin and even increase oil production.

Combination Skin Type:

Taking care of combination skin can be a little more challenging because it is made up of multiple skin types. The simplest and easiest way to care for combination skin is to look for products, which are formulated for all skin types because all skin types of products help to balance skin without over-drying or causing excess oil. So, keeping your skin balanced is key for those with combination skin.

Normal Skin Type:

If you have normal skin, you are very lucky, because skin concerns related to normal skin are generally minimal, so routines may be simpler. To take care of skin and balance pH level, prep your skin with a gentle cleanser and tone your face. After toning applies a good kind of moisturizer, and protect with broad-spectrum sunscreen during the day. You should also help replenish the skin at night with hydrating face oil.

Sensitive Skin Type:

Sensitive skin needs special treatments with gentle skincare products. If you have redness, and irritation and your skin feel tight and uncomfortable, all are signs of a weakened and compromised skin barrier. Care for sensitive skin by choosing mild and gentle formulas that can help strengthen the skin barrier and look for treatments that are formulated to help treat redness and other skin discomfort.