How To Conceal Dark Spots or Blemishes?

Dark Spots

Perfect flawless skin is the dream of each woman, they all want a clear complexion, but most of them have not. Sometimes for achieving a clear complexion or blemishes-free skin, you try many skincare solutions, but they take time, they can’t clear up your complexion in an instant.

Only one thing, that can wonder for your dark spots or Blemishes, is “Makeup”. Makeup can make those sports or blemishes go undercover faster than you’d think. With the right concealer and foundation, you can hide all your blemishes instantly with no struggle. You will have to only do one thing, learn the makeup lesson properly. Here we have shared the proper concealing technique with makeup, just take a look.

Conceal Dark Spots and Blemishes With These Simple Steps:

  1. Prime Your Skin

Primer can create an even layer for the rest of your makeup. Apply it gently all over your entire face by focusing on T-Zone. Primer also makes your makeup long-lasting.

  1. Color Correct

If you have dark spots and blemishes on your face, Color Corrector is a must-have for you. Before applying foundation or a concealer, take a good kind of color corrector. Pick the right shade as per your skin tone, you can choose peach for fair to light skin tones, bisque for light to medium skin tone, or orange for medium to deep skin tones.

  1. Apply Foundation

After applying the color-corrector, you should reach for the foundation. Choose a good kind of foundation which have a radiant finish and apply it with a makeup blender, or makeup brush, or by using your finger. Blend it gently so that you don’t disrupt your concealer application.

  1. Brighten Your Face With Concealer

After applying all this, your face appears flat, for brighten your complexion and lift your face, you should apply concealer under your eyes, between your brows, down the bridge of your nose, and on the middle of your chin. It defines your face instantly.

  1. Finish With Loose Powder or Compact Powder

The best way to keep your flawless makeup long-lasting is to finish it with a Compact or Loose Powder. Take a fluffy makeup brush and apply a thin layer of face powder to set your makeup.

So, these are some tips, which can be followed for hiding dark spots or blemishes and making your complexion flawless.

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