How to Treat Sunburn at Home?

There is a saying, “Prevention is better than cure”, we can prevent sunburn by applying a good sunscreen canvas on our skin. But sometimes sunburns happen, even to the sunscreen wearers, then what you should do, to treat and calm it. Well, there are a variety of ways to treat sunburn at home, using the simple ingredients that are found in your kitchen or on your bathroom shelves.

How to Treat Sunburn at Home?

• Baking Soda
Baking soda is a very useful ingredient to treat sunburn at home and it maintains your skin’s natural pH level and treats sunburn. Make a cold compress composed of baking soda and water and apply it to the sunburned skin and leave it for 15 minutes, and gently rinse it off.

• Green Tea
Like Baking soda compresses, you can also try green tea compresses. Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties which treat sunburn and irritated skin. For this, simply brew green tea leaves and soak a clean washcloth in the brewed tea, then cool down the compress in the fridge before applying it to sunburned skin for 15 minutes.

• Aloe Vera
This is one of the most common methods to treat a sunburn, aloe vera gel has soothing properties, and it is used for treating burning and redness of the skin. its anti-inflammatory properties help in soothing sunburned skin. if you can easily avail fresh aloe vera gel, this will be great. Gently apply it to the sunburned area of your skin.

• Chamomile Tea
Chamomile Tea is not only for soothing your spirit, but it can also soothe your sunburned skin. Take some tea, and simply brew it and let it cool. When it is done, take a washcloth and soak in it and apply it to the affected area. Chamomile Tea contains pollen, if you are allergic to pollen, you shouldn’t use this treatment. It may cause an allergic reaction to your skin.

• Cool Water
One of the easiest ways to treat inflammation is to cool down the affected area. This is an effective way to immediately help sunburn, and you can very easily avail it anywhere. You can hop in the water, whether it’s a stream, lake, or ocean. Dipping in and out constantly can help keep sunburn from worsening. Avoid pools, because they have chlorinated water, which can irritate the skin more. You should also avoid rubbing ice directly on the affected area. It can worsen the damaged area.

• Apply Moisturiser
You should pamper your sunburned area of the skin with a good moisturizer. This is one of the most important steps to prevent skin from peeling or at least keep it to a minimum. For this, Use a good kind of moisturizer, which has natural ingredients and is free from fragrance and color, and contains soothing ingredients.

• Wear Loose Clothes
As you know that skin repairs itself, but for this, you should make it feel comfortable, so wear clothes that do not stick to your skin. Skin is the body’s largest organ, so it’s best to give it some space to breathe and heal. Wear cotton clothes, they don’t affect the area and make for the best post-sunburn healings.

• Drink Lots of Water
Last but not the least, this is one of the major steps to heal sunburn. Sunburned skin needs extra moisture that is lost when you go outside in the sun. If you are not drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water in a day, you should start to drink and take enough water. It will help to heal the damaged area fast.

Keep yourself hydrated and cool, and try these home remedies, if they don’t work, you can take some ibuprofen. You should also make sure whenever you go outside, cover up yourself properly, so your sunburn is not exposed to even more sun. The easiest way to treat sunburn is to prevent it.

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