What Do Rubber Face Masks Do?

Rubber Face Masks

When you go for facial services, one of the most crucial steps is the mask at the end of the service. After the exfoliation and massaging, the mask is the therapeutic part of the facial that allows your face to calm down or relax. But, still, people think is it effective or only for fun, do they make beauty lovers wonder, or are they just for show?

Rubber masks are an effective way to deliver skin active ingredients into the skin after cleansing and exfoliating the face. These masks come in a goopy gel texture, after applying it is changed into a rubberized form to allow for a seamless peel-off. They are not formulated with rubber but feels like rubber.

These rubber masks increase the absorption and efficacy of any skin active ingredients (hydrating ingredients, calming ingredients, amino acids, or collagen powder).

How Do Rubber Masks Work?

The rubber mask creates a protective barrier that gently forces all the active ingredients into the skin without the risk of drying it out. If you are going for a rubber mask treatment in a salon or parlor, they will charge too much. But, if you use it at your home, it will give you the same result with a pocket-friendly budget.

How to Apply Rubber Masks?

The application of a rubber mask is a two-step process. In most of the masks, the active ingredients are stored within a serum that is applied to the skin first and allowing the rubber mask to ‘lock’ them into the skin. Some masks have the actives in powder form, which requires mixed them with water first. Then, apply the serum to the skin with the included applicator or a similar tool that will help you get the goopy liquid evenly distributed. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes, also make sure to read all the instruction before applying the mask, because each mask has its applying process.

How Often You Should Use Rubber Masks?

How often to use rubber masks, totally depends on your skin’s particular needs. The formulation of the mask dictates how intermittently it should be used, and it is also important to your research on what ingredients are contained within it. For example, you use a charcoal mask once per day for your acne-prone skin, and it works for you. But for those who are combination skin, daily application of charcoal, make their skin too drying or irritating.

In simple words, know your skin needs and make sure you understand the ingredients, and it is suggested that using a rubber mask once a week is enough.

Do You have any Recommendations?

All the Rubber face masks have their active ingredients which are clearly labeled on the pack, so according to your skin concerns, choose a good one, which suits your skin’s needs. If you have acne-prone skin types, you should go for those rubber masks, which contain charcoal, salicylic acid, and/or tea tree oil. For hyperpigmentation, you should use those that contain vitamin C, for calming or soothing your skin, include hyaluronic acid and niacinamide to fight redness. If you have sensitive skin, avoid the masks that have fragrances, Scents can often cause to become worse the skin.

Our Recommendation

DR.JART+ Cryo Rubber With Soothing With Firming Collagen

These Rubber masks include treatments aimed at hydration, soothing, hyper-pigmentation, moisturizing, aging-signs, and firming. It’s a two-step rubber mask, “ which includes application of an ampoule of serum, and packed with active ingredients and a prebiotic complex and a flexible rubber mask which is made up of naturally derived algae and clay to cool and condition the skin. This mask also helps in lowering the temperature of the skin to help increase the blood circulation for the optimal absorption of ingredients deeper into the skin. The adjustable and hydrating rubber mask packs the skin to prevent active ingredients from evaporating and force deep penetration. It contains firming collagen which helps in minimizing the aging signs like fine lines and wrinkles and restores the firmness to the skin and is also enriched with Carob Fruit Extract which encourages skin’s natural collagen production. This Rubber mask is recommended for all skin types and skin’s concerns, if you want to get a radiant, flawless, and healthy-looking complexion, you should go for this.



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