Why You Should Use Cleansing Oils in Your Beauty Routine

If you are a college-going girl or an office girl, you start your day with a skincare routine and apply light or heavy makeup for prepping up yourself for the entire day, and you blush and glow all day long by using primer, foundation, concealer, blush, contour, compact and more. And, when you heading back home to the mirror and removing those layers of glam can be a tough task for most of you. Removing heavy makeup is a challenging task, we often do the cleansing process in a hurry or go to bed without removing makeup. If you also do so, the residual makeup can clog pores and result in skin breakouts, acne, and pimple.

At the end of the day, your skin also absorbs dirt, dust, and impurities from the outside and mix with your makeup when you sweat. The makeup residue also mixes with the skin’s dead cells and block the skin’s pores.

Cleansing oils help in removing heavy makeup dirt and excess sebum production without harming the natural barrier of the skin. When you apply cleansing oil for removing makeup, it dissolves the heavy makeup and sebum which is mixed with the dirt, sweat, facial products, and makeup and washes away everything without leaving your skin dull or dry.

How You can add Cleansing Oil to Your beauty regime?

Adding cleansing oil to your beauty regime is very simple, it only takes a minute and pampers your skin with the proper care that it needs. You should also ensure that before start your skincare routine, remove your makeup properly so that all the ingredients of the product will be absorbed into your skin.

How To Use Cleansing Oil?

  • At first, select a good cleansing oil
  • Before the application, wash your hands properly and take a small amount of cleansing oil onto your palm
  • Gently massage the oil into your skin in an upward circular motion for a minute or two
  • Then wash your face with lukewarm water or you can also use the hot-towel method
  • Now cleanse your face with a regular cleanser, after that apply toner or essence, or serum to keep your skin moisturized
  • And at the end of the skincare routine, apply a moisturizer with an SPF and you are Good to go

What Type of Cleansing Oil You Should Use?

You should use those cleansing oil which is formulated with organic oils like coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, avocado oil, and argan oil to nourish, hydrate, rejuvenate and calm your skin.

Do you have any recommendations?

AROMATICA Natural Coconut Cleansing Oil 300ml

This is a refreshing cleansing oil that deeply cleanses your skin by removing dirt and impurities from deep pores. It is formulated with 100% organic virgin coconut oil. It removes heavy makeup, dirt, dust, impurities, and sebum from your skin very easily and effectively and leaves your skin moisturized. This cleansing oil is verified by EWG and doesn’t use any EWG restricted ingredients. Recommended for all skin types and saves your skin from irritation.

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