8 Simple Tips to Fix Makeup Mistakes We Almost All Make When We Put on Makeup

When we start applying makeup in our teenage, we develop habits for our daily morning routines. But the makeup products and rituals that you followed in your teenage, are not in trend today or after. If you use the same one throughout your 20s, that isn’t the best choice for your skin. With the growing age, we should change our makeup products and habits. For a glowing and even look, it’s important to ensure your rituals are healthy, age-appropriate, and leave you feeling beautiful.

Here is the list of some common mistakes that most the makeup lover does:

  • Not Prep up Skin Properly Before Applying Makeup

When you start the makeup, at first you pick a foundation, right? But this is the wrong method. When you begin your makeup routine, it’s very important to prep skin first to get a flawless makeup application. Makeup experts suggest, cleansing, toning, using a facial oil, and a moisturizer is very important. There is a misbelief in most of the makeup users that they will get the flawless makeup look only with the foundation, and they don’t, blame the products.  For an even and flawless makeup look, a prepped-up and hydrated face are the most important, not only for your skin under the makeup but also for the result.

  • Not Changing Foundation with age

As teenagers, a budget-friendly drugstore brand may have been the right choice for you, and you don’t need many foundations in your mid-20s, at that time, our skin is youthful, radiant, and supple. So, we don’t need too much makeup. Makeup expert Annie Tevelin suggests that as we age, our makeup should evolve as well. With the growing age, the skin on our face and neck becomes dry, resulting in the loss of radiance and suppleness. Tevelin recommends replace matte foundations, and powders for a creamy foundation, and prep your skin properly before applying makeup to create a smoother canvas so that makeup can glide on evenly.

  • Applying Makeup in the Dim Lighting

If you have applied makeup in a room that didn’t come in a proper light, you know very well how scary it can be to walk outside, hoping you didn’t miss any sports. The same thing happens in the dim-lit room or fluorescent-lit room with dotting foundation and swiping eyeshadow, so it’s best to use natural light as much as possible. Natural sunlight provides the most accurate reflection of your face in a mirror, says Shria Aaron, a celebrity makeup artist based in New York. If natural light isn’t possible in the makeup area, she suggests choosing a warm white LED light.

  • Using Too Much Concealer

If you have a habit or whatever the reason, you are exhausted- and you want to hide it. Most of the people take the concealer stick and go to town, and do their best to hide the dark circles. But if you don’t choose the right shade or product that suits your skin, it may highlight your wrinkles and fine lines, or end up with a heavy, cakey look. If you don’t want to face this problem, avoid heavy foundations or concealers, says celebrity makeup artist Noreen Taylor. Instead, choose those who have liquid consistency with luminous particles, which will appear your skin healthy and glowing.

  • Don’t take care of lips

Lips are a key focus part of your facial appearance, but as we age, our upper lip slowly thins and starts to get darker. So, it’s very important to care for the health of our lips as much as we would any other part of our body. Skincare experts suggest exfoliating your lips with a gentle scrub once a week, and applying a hydrating lip balm is very important. You can use brown sugar or oatmeal to naturally exfoliate your skin. when you apply your favorite lipstick or gloss with color and a lip liner creates the appearance of fuller and more youthful lips. Choose the colors that give your lips youthful and fuller lips. Stick to colors that match your natural lip color.

  • Applying Heavy Mascara on Bottom Lashes

Do you swipe your mascara wand on your lower lashes, if so, make it easier on the lower set, because a heavy application will bring everyone’s attention to the wrinkles below your eyes? Using Mascara to accentuate the edges of the eyes can give your gaze extra expressiveness. Avoid thick mascara on the lower lashes, and slightly add one coat to stay safe.

  • Not Applying Blush

We always miss the blush in our makeup routine, but makeup experts say that blush can instantly make you look younger. To get that natural look, choose a natural rosy color that more closely resembles your actual flushed cheeks. Stay away from blushes that are too bright, too shimmery, or too powdery. Make sure to blend it into your skin for a more natural appearance.

  • Not Applying Bronzer Appropriately

We always experience that with highlighters, illuminators, and radiance powders, bronzing often hides somewhere in the chaos of powders. When you include bronzer to your makeup routine, think where the sun naturally hits your skin the most, the tops of your cheekbones, around your hairline, or the jaw lone. For the best result, you should choose a cream bronzer instead of a powder bronzer, it can easily blend in with your other makeup products for a natural finish.

So, these were some common makeup mistakes, that we generally do. Avoid these, and get a flawless and even makeup look.

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