Are Pore Vacuums good?

Are Pore Vacuums good

Pore Vacuums of course can be a good tool in helping to clear pore congestion regularly, still, they cannot be an essential component to your skincare routine. The reason behind this, the pore is naturally clogged again, So Pore Vacuums are not a permanent solution, and can be used occasionally in conjunction with a proper skincare routine.

How do Pore Vacuums work?

The working process of the pore vacuums is very easy and simple, just turn on the device, stick its circular tip on your skin and slowly slide it over your pores, you will watch that the dirt, dead skin, sebum, blackheads, and other impurities will remove before your eyes. For an effective result, you should take steam with a warm and damp towel or in the shower, this process will help in losing the sebum, and then you can use the pore vacuums for cleaning the pores.

Are There any Side Effects of Using a Pore Vacuum?

There are no measure side effects of using a Pore Vacuum, however, sometimes some redness is seen over the user’s skin. For avoiding these types of side effects, pore vacuums come with some special settings that will vary with the user’s skin type. If you have sensitive skin, you should choose the low setting and if you feel pain, stop using the tool right away.

Are Pore filling primers bad?

As you know that Primers are used as the makeup base, especially pore filling primers. This helps in creating flawless makeup by reducing pores and concealing fine lines. Pore filling primers are usually silicone-based which are recommended by beauty experts and makeup artists for creating a smooth skin canvas for gliding makeup easily.

But these pore-filling primers or silicone-based primes are not good for your skin, it is made up of harmful chemicals which can harm your skin completely by sealing skin’s pores, traps dirt and impurities in your pores, clogged your pores and doesn’t allow beneficial components to seep into the skin and also enlarge pores. Pore filling primers also create a layer on your skin blocks moisture from entering your skin, which makes your skin dull and rough. It creates a layer and restricts anything from getting in and out of it, which means all the dirt, impurities, and sebum get trapped in your pores which may cause acne, pigmentation, and inflammation.

After using it regularly, you will notice that you are using it for minimizing your large pores, but it has given you the permanent opposite result, which means enlarge your pores.

So, yeah, of course, pore-filling primers are bad for our skin if you use them on daily basis, but if you use them occasionally, it will change your beauty game forever and create a flawless makeup look.

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